Cool-Blue: A Condo Bedroom Redo, with Bamboo Sheets!

Without the bamboo bed sheets, many condo bedrooms can be small, awkward shapes with a lot of nooks, and homeowners may feel limited with what they can bring to the space to make a big impact. This room for example belongs to a friend of mine and when I first saw it, I knew it needed a bit of help. You can see the video here:

It was painted a basic beige. There was a different color trim, it felt dark,
there’s no focal point or overall style. My friend told me he wanted blue and he wanted it to be a lot brighter. That’s where the whole design began.

I fell in love with this paint treatment that I found online and I knew I had to try it myself. First the walls needed a good coat of primer so the dark beige wouldn’t come through the paint. The effect required three colors. I chose three shades of blue from Beauty Tone that were on the same color card to make this look good.
I started with the pale shade of blue which was Ocean Crest by Beauty Tone in a matte finish. I applied two coats on all the walls which really brightened the streaky-wall-paintroom.  Next, on the main wall, I use the medium blue which I diluted with water, half and half, and apply the paint in an upward motion with a large, course, 8” wide, masonry brush.  Once dry I did the same, on the same wall,with the darkest blue which created a bit of an ombre effect from the bottom up. With this finished wall I finally had a focal point in the room.

One of my original concerns with the size of the bed, that had attached side tables, which took up the whole span of the wall. It went from window to closet, and it took up a lot of space, and he wasn’t using the side table. I convinced him to get rid of them because there’s tons of storage underneath the bed, now. Of course he still needed something to put his alarm clock on so we opted for the airy look of the Umbra floating shelves.

I was so excited when I found these antique lights from home depot. One is a ship light which we mounted to the wall and the other is an explosion lamp. I love that they add just a bit of grift in all this condo polish. He loves antiques so this was perfect.

I absolutely love the art I found above the head board. It has the blues and the greens which I was able to bring into this room and also plays with the palate that’s right outside the window.

Now, because the bed takes up most of the room, I knew I had to make it spectacular. I went to Bamboo For Life where I found lots of really warm grays and creams and the different textures and prints which I layered up for a really bamboo beddingsharp look.  I got sheets, pillowcases and a reversible duvet from the online Bamboo For Life store.

Originally we wanted to change out the mirrored, closet doors. But ,because of budget constraints and the fact that they were a custom size, it wasn’t an option. So, I drew from the grid pattern, down in the lamps and the bedding and reflected that onto the closet doors with frosted vinyl which Icut into squares. I just really wanted to tone down all that mirror and this offers a much softer look.

Another concern I had were the free standing speakers on the floor they took up a lot of space; they are are always in the way. Luckily the
homeowner was great and picked up some speakers which were mounted right into the wall.

Now my second concern was how do I make the speakers disappear and then came the gallery wall. First I blew up a whole bunch of his travel photos and mounted them with a very thin Ikea frames which are lightweight enough to hang off the wall with mounting tape.

The last area that needed to be addressed was the corner that had a control panel, a thermostat and an air vent. It’s just wasn’t attractive. The solution was to bring in a decorative ladder, leaned against the wall, which he could stack with magazines and blankets to hide all of those elements but still easily allowed access to all of them if needed.

This room shows that with a bit of creativity you can go a long way on a tight budget by working with paint, mixing bedding and putting up impactful art. You can transform a small bedroom into a very stylish space

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