Puddle Flange Installation. Why Do You Need It?

G’day, guys. How you going? Just want to talk to you about puddle flanges We have a situation like this You can see it’s just a bathroom with a fibrous floor Highly flex floor And this is the floor waste that goes out the outside here Now normally they just maybe tile up to it like this and then they put the grate in, okay But the trouble is water can get in between there later on down the future when it all starts to move and then once it starts getting wet The termites love that you know wet wood and they’ll go nuts underneath That’s why we install something like this called a puddle flange So you can see this will be glued onto the floor with a really good silicon and this fits inside tthe pipe like this That means any water can’t come underneath it has to go through here and down into the pipe and so that means no water can come through there, you see Once that’s glued down with the silicon properly you put the nice grate on and then the membrane gets painted on the floor like this the whole way around and then the tiler can tile up to it with the 18 mm grate stuck in there And any water that goes through they can you know come through and come down and come inside the pipe and there’s no way that can you know get underneath and make this a little wet So really the solution is very important Get your plumber to chuck one of these in if you have any of these wood homes like the one up in Gooseberry Hill